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Custom Structural Foam Molding

Fort Wayne Plastics prides itself on its ability to manufacture superior quality products that continually meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

We are fully capable of assisting you with all your projects; from engineering support for product and tool design, to the reality of a fully assembled finished product.

ISO Certification

What We Do At Fort Wayne Plastics


Fort Wayne Plastics provides medium to large custom molded plastics components specializing in low pressure, multi-nozzle, multi-cavity structural foam and structural web molding solutions. We offer expert in-house engineering support and assembly for programs ranging from single stand-alone products to complex, multi-component products.

Why Structural Plastic

Structural foam plastics are a viable alternative for replacement of steel, concrete, low volume plastic processes and wood.

Structural foam molding boast superior strength-to-weight ratio and use of lower cost commodity resins.

The low cost, superior strength, and lightweight nature makes structual foam molded plastics a popular and cost effective conversion option.

Quality Policy:

Fort Wayne Plastics is committed to working directly with its customer base to ensure complete understanding of performance criteria while developing continual improvement programs for enhancement to the organization through Quality Management Systems.