Part design support, material selection, tool design support, optomizing the "mold ability" of the part to help lower tooling costs and ensure that the finished part will meet or exceed all of the customer's requirements - all done in house - from start to finish. A full-service operation, we will jointly work with the customer, designer, material supplier and tooling houses to simplify the entire development process while establishing a true partnership along the way.


Sheet metal, SMC, Concrete, Fiberglass, Wood, Thermoforming, RTM, High Pressure Injection Molding have long been used in manufacturing, but in many cases low-pressure multi-nozzle structural foam injection molding is a more effective and cost competitive alternative. For example, structural foam can incorporate several individual parts into one fully integrated component limiting tooling cost and piece part pricing.

Structural foam can be completely recycled and in many cases the use of recycled materials will dramatically reduce the overall piece part price. Low pressure structural foam is a very stable injection molding process providing greater consistency for overall fit, mounting points and mating with other components. Structural foam is a high volume molding process, providing stronger, lighter, chemical resistance parts that offer superior design characteristics.

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