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Structural plastic parts can be created utilizing two different processes at Fort Wayne Plastics – Structural Foam and Structural Web / Gas-Assist.

Structural foam is created in a manner similar to conventional injection molding. The difference, however, is that we introduce a chemical blowing agent into the polymer melt which expands to create a component of exceptional strength and rigidity.

The polymer chemical foaming agent mix expands in the mold creating a hyperdurable cellular core that is surrounded by a tough, integrated outer skin. Structural foam parts have a high stiffness-weight ratio, sound deadening characteristics, electrical and thermal-insulating properties and UV resistance. Requirements for thick wall parts can easily be molded from .180” to .500”.

Although similar to conventional injection molding, our mix of polymer and chemical foaming agent is injected into the mold at a lower volume so the mix has room to expand. In addition, our mix is injected into the mold using low pressure eliminating built in stress while providing a final product without sink marks.

Structural web plastic utilizes gas-assist technology to produce large components that are stronger than conventional injection-molded parts yet posses smooth, uniform surface qualities with no sink marks.

Structural web / gas-assist injection molding uses our low-pressure process to produce parts with hollow cross sections and excellent surface qualities. It is best utilized in the development of large structural components that demand better esthetics.

Gas-assist technology creates a component that has a consistent quality appearance, but at a lower weight and with greater strength. The surface of structural web / gas-assist parts is smooth and uniform without unsightly sink marks of conventional injection-molded parts. Another benefit of gas-assist is the ability to help hollow out very thick wall sections that would typically result in a slower molding cycle or parts with extreme sink marks.

Structural Foam Advantages over Alternative Methods

  1. Part weight reduced 10% to 30%
  2. Lower cost aluminum molds vs. high pressure injection molding machines
  3. Complex parts without sink marks
  4. Higher impact strength than thinner wall injection molded parts
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